Silverado Squatters 

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David and Craig Duddles were a father and son team in producing this book. David is a retired Napa Valley teacher who enjoyed researching and teaching Napa Valley history. As he taught classes on Robert Louis Stevenson with Adelle Iverson Payne through Sonoma State University, he envisioned this book.

What People are Saying

“... a stunning and detailed work, Silverado Squatters. The richly illustrated, coffee table book has Craig Duddles' photography in addition to historical and photos and documents that match the text of the story.... The result is a meticulous and marvelous journey seen through Stevenson's eyes.”

Sasha Paulsen, Register Features Editor

Napa Valley Register, December 14, 2008

“If, as Robert Louis Stevenson said, in Napa Valley "the wine is bottled poetry," then this wonderful book is distilled beauty - flowing from the lifelong love of father and son for a particularly lovely place. With wit and care, David Duddles has selected the richest word-pictures from Stevenson's Silverado Squatters, and Craig Duddles has shot these words full of fresh life in photographs both intimate and grand, picturing past documents and present landscapes that have changed little since Stevenson's 1880 sojourn. I can't imagine a better introduction to Stevenson's travel classic, or to his splendid squatter's claim to "Silverado" on the mighty shoulder of Mount St. Helena.”

Dr. Christopher Hodgkins, Professor in English
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Napa High School Class of 1976

“If you enjoy the Napa Valley or Robert Louis Stevenson’s works, this book is for you. The Duddles have put together a beautiful book both in prose and photography. If, like me, you raised children in the Napa Valley it makes a wonderful gift.”

Chris Ochs, Resident of Napa

“Wow! What a beautiful book! The Duddles captured the Napa Valley!!!”

Harry Cadelago, Retired Napa High Band Instructor

“This is a beautiful photographic essay on the Napa Valley and one of its most famous visitors. Anyone who has fallen in love with the valley will want to have this souvenir.”

Dr. Gayle Thomas, Former Resident of Napa


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Craig grew up exploring the Napa Valley. He is a broad spectrum creative and has many design and photo-video credits.
He currently works as a freelance designer-photographer-videographer in Central Florida.